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Business Finance Advisory Group (BFAG Sp. z o.o.) is formed by professionals who for the two last decades every day have been gaining experience and knowledge in the areas related to restructuring and finances of enterprises.

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We help our Clients in protecting their property and in developing their businesses to ultimately give their family and friends security. We offer services related to restructuring of liabilities, protection of assets and acquiring financing.

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We have many years of experience, full knowledge of our field, we are reliable and always care about our Clients’ interest.
Our value is professionalism and effectiveness.

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“A professional and reliable company, I recommend cooperating with it in respect of consulting, restructuring as well as help in finance problems.”

Teresa Gogga-Stępień

“A very solid and professional company that knows how to and is able to help in difficult situations. People working there are competent, diligent, you can count on their help at any time. This is a company I can recommend.”

Paweł Tomaszyk

“Knowledge, professionalism, competence and this all at the highest level! And a humane approach in the first place. For these wonderful people, there are no dead-end situations. I admire them, give them my regards, and heartily recommend the company to all!”

Monika Dudek

“I will readily recommend BFAG. I indeed appreciate cooperation with them. They have many years of experience, vast financial and legal knowledge, and deep knowledge of the market. What is the most important, they approach each client in an individual manner and are committed to servicing them. For me, their name could be EKPE – Experience, Knowledge, Professionalism and Effectiveness ;)”

Agnieszka Kargol-Konieczna

“P.H.E. Professional Help to Entrepreneurs. I RECOMMEND INDEED”

Cargo Europe 24 H Sp. z o.o.

“I recommend BFAG Sp. z o.o. as an effective company that cares about a Client’s interest and advisers who have vast financial and legal knowledge. The process of protection of property and financial restructuring, including, the formation of a limited liability company, was carried out in a professional, quick, and effective manner, and all actions were consistent with a part of a more broadly conceived strategy. It was a process requiring vast knowledge of law and finances, and also required taking quick actions where there was no time for errors. No other companies I came across on my way took on this task, and the future of my family and company dependent on this. I know that I can always rely on BFAG.”

Stanisław Brembor

“BFAG is a team of experts who know how to save a company and property even in a situation that seemed to be an advanced dead-end situation. They were able to attract an investor to my company that quickly recapitalised my company when a bailiff was knocking at the door, and contracting parties stopped offering the dates of payment. If it hadn’t been for their knowledge and help, I would have lost the company, property, and the opportunity to keep up the family, and my creditors the opportunity to satisfy their claims. The advisers always meet obligations they took on and dates, and financial and legal engineering used sometimes makes one’s head spin to understand it, but the most important thing is that it is effective, and a client is led in this procedure from the beginning to the end like “by the hand”. Thank you very much. I highly recommend them.”

Karol Sierocki

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