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Who we are


it is a team of educated people and on average with 20 years’ experience in such areas as: restructuring law, bankruptcy law, banking law, enterprise finances, management of enterprises and their finances.

Within the space of the last two decades our experts in the area of finances successfully fulfilled different functions in financial consulting, in banks and in other companies related to the financial market, in advisory, managerial, analytical positions and as financial directors, also of stock market companies, including one with more than 100-million capitalisation listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

On the other hand, people from our team that have legal education, specialise above all in restructuring law and legal protection against creditors’ claims, who has so far carried out dozens of effective restructurings of enterprises and natural people, also in extremely difficult situations.

  • Our mission is to deliver our Clients an added value by providing legal and financial services of the highest quality in a structured and effective manner, at the same time caring about their widely understood safety and interest.
  • We approach each Client in an individual manner taking into account the uniqueness of their project, and often the seriousness of a situation. We know that each day is of significance, therefore we always act quickly and with precision, being guided by the Hippocrates’ principle “Primus non nocere” (“First of all do not harm”).

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