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 In cooperation with the “Accounting Experts” accounting office, we offer professional accounting services.

We ensure assistance for companies that settle based on:

  • general principles
  • linear tax
  • recorded lump sum
  • tax card

The service is addressed to:

  • sole proprietors
  • limited liability companies
  • limited partnerships
  • partnerships
  • joint-stock companies

Accounting services which we offer to entrepreneurs are modern solutions aimed at facilitating running own business operations at a reasonable price.
We are trying to in full make use of experience gained for years so that our Clients can derive the largest possible number of benefits from the services provided by us.

We are looking forward to starting cooperation with entrepreneurs who value experience in situations of the Tax Office inspections, modern solutions as well as saving time and money.

Owing to implemented solutions of sending information and documents, the offer is addressed to entities across Poland.


  • We hire chartered accountants and chartered auditors who holds the Ministry of Finance certificate and have long experience gained also in large public companies

  • We assume full liability for keeping the account books of your company. We confirm our liability also with high civil liability insurance, which additionally protects your company

  • We represent your company in front of the Social Insurance Office and in front of the Tax Office

  • We inform about taxes being calculated in advance

  • You can receive a financial ratio analysis of your enterprise every month. Based on breakdowns received from us, you will learn what is a share of the company’s individual departments in the company’s revenues and costs

  • We will advise you on the optimisation of costs of running sole proprietorship and taxes

  • If you will need capital, your company will in a professional manner be prepared for obtaining a cheap bank loan, leasing and/or attracting an investor

  • We are analysing continually changing regulations on an ongoing basis

  • For the sake of care of your company, you will get an individual accountant and an individual e-mail address

  • We use modern and innovative accounting programmes

  • We offer competitive prices