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The BFAG team has specialist knowledge and is well experienced in credit consulting to companies, including in total more than 300 effectively taken out bank loans with different volumes. The largest loan taken out so far is PLN 61 million.

We know how to properly prepare credit documentation, including a business plan and financial documents. At this stage success of the entire credit process is decided most often. We also know which banks to talk to in order not to waste precious time.

We address our offer to all entrepreneurs and enterprises looking for optimum financial solutions, having difficulties with navigating the intricacies of the banking market, having a difficult and untypical situation as well as time and capital constraints.

From our observations it appears that most Clients who try to get a loan themselves choose more expensive and worse solutions, and formalities take more time, than if they made use of our services. We are aware that each day is of significance, therefore we are looking forward to starting cooperation with you to yourself assess our effectiveness and professionalism, and to quickly recapitalise your enterprise because as you know – time is money.


  • Investment loans

  • Working capital loans / capital loans on current account

  • Non-bank loans

  • Fixed asset leasing

  • Fixed property leaseback

  • Factoring


…the same thing that makes playing draughts differ from playing chess. Playing chess has many more possibilities, and, consequently, many more game scenarios. This game requires great imagination, planning and anticipating skills, and also preparing alternative action plans, which in the end is to bring about achievement of the only aim – win. Credit intermediation comes down to performing basic sales activities, and the main aim is to get any loan, and the maximum benefit by an intermediary.

Credit consulting is a very wide issue requiring broad knowledge, but also experience and worked out relationships. The aim of credit consulting is to get the greatest possible benefit and safety for a loan-taker as quickly as possible. Consulting is aimed at widely understood credit assistance, in particular in difficult credit situations, is based on a Client’s situation analysis, preparation of a business plan and a path for individual stages of financing, in the context of constraints existing on the part of the Client.


These loans are intended for the purposes connected with expansion of a company, i.e. the purchase of fixed assets, expansion, repair, the purchase of technological lines, machines, vehicles, devices, shares, stocks, and concessions and/or licences. In most cases, the nature of a loan is long-term, i.e. for a period from a few to a dozen or so years, and the repayment after the grace period is made in monthly or quarterly instalments.


In most cases intended for financing any aim of an enterprise’s current operations, e.g. for the purchase of equipment, product and/or payment of remuneration to employees. In the case of a capital loan on current account, the loan-taker has a pool of funds available to them, and each amount received to the bank account reduces the debt. In most cases, such a capital loan is given for a period of time of one year. If the debt is repaid within the time limits set, the bank will make it possible for us to take out another loan. On the other hand, the capital in the working capital loan is usually repaid in monthly instalments or at the end of a period, and the interest is paid on an ongoing basis.


We offer a service of obtaining financing from private investors and from capital loan funds, both Polish and foreign ones. Natural people, sole proprietors, companies, foundations and cooperatives can be loan-takers. Investors expect that the loans be secured on such property as:

  • Immovables
  • Vehicles and construction machines
  • Other fixed assets to be agreed


We provide access to fixed asset leasing and fixed property leaseback. We cooperate with the cheapest and the most flexible lessors on the Polish market.

Benefits from leasing to the lessee:

  • small or non-required involvement of own capital,
  • short leasing procedure,
  • easiness in obtaining financing, even for companies with a short history of operations and for those that do not demonstrate any profit,
  • optimisation of tax burden (tax shield).



 We offer leasing of such fixed assets as:

  • passenger cars,
  • lorries,
  • construction machines,
  • production devices and technological lines,
  • office equipment.



The fixed property leaseback is a mechanism which is addressed first of all to enterprises that have a fixed property. The sale of property based on leaseback is an accessible and cheap form of financing. For the lessee such a contract is favourable inasmuch as they may continue to use the equipment sold, though they may not dispose of it in full (namely, e.g., resell without the owner-lessor’s consent). The lessee takes a risk that in the case of failure to fulfil their liabilities, e.g. as a result of loss of financial liquidity, they lose title to the property being leased and the right to repurchase, and the lessor will most likely sell the fixed property, paying the difference to the lessee.


It is a product dedicated both to dynamically developing companies the development of which is inhibited by capital deficit, and also to enterprises with temporary problems with keeping financial liquidity because factoring is based mainly on credibility of the provider’s repeatable contracting parties.

It is the service owing to which money from invoices with the deferred date of payment issued to the contracting party is received by the entrepreneur once the invoice is issued, and the burden of monitoring collection of receivables falls on a factoring firm (factor).

The factoring service is an ideal solution for entrepreneurs who:

  • sell products and/or services with the deferred date of payment,
  • cooperate with a group of regular consumers,
  • want to diversify their sources of financing,
  • develop dynamically,
  • want to enter new markets, also foreign ones,
  • want to transfer the risk of the lack of payment to the factor.

The reverse factoring service is an ideal solution for entrepreneurs who want to purchase a product and give factoring to the seller. In most cases, this service is offered to companies that have the “standard” factoring service implemented.

The price of the factoring service is affected by such factors as:

  • the contracting party’s credibility,
  • the total volume of invoices handed over for factoring,
  • the provider’s financial results,
  • the trade of the provider’s operations.

If the above factors will fit into the cheapest factors’ preferences, then the cost of the service may be considerably lower than the cost of a working capital loan, and obtaining this financing may take less time.

Our offer contains an offer of selected factoring institutions offering a wide spectrum of the market:

  • factoring with recourse,
  • factoring without recourse,
  • export,
  • reverse,
  • self-governing.