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Operating with a tightening noose of debt around an enterprise’s neck and/or a bailiff draining the bank account is always extremely burdensome. In extreme situations, the lack of prospects and stress discourages and/or makes further operations impossible. Our goal is to provide legal protection to a debtor and comprehensive help in spreading their business wings again. Our own and well-tried methods assure property safety to our Clients. Financial consulting helps make use of available financial mechanisms and leverage to repay reduced debts, save and then enlarge all of one’s possessions.

The service of comprehensive repair restructuring offered by us is dedicated to legal and natural people who due to loss of liquidity are unable to currently service their financial liabilities, even in a situation in which the date of a bailiff’s auction has already been decided.

Our activities consist of two main stages that often are carried out at the same time:

  • Debtor’s property protection and debt restructuring
  • Obtaining financing and finance control

As a result of a restructuring process carried out in a comprehensive manner, the debtor whose property would have been auctioned off, which in most cases means loss of property and being left with debts – may again start earning income based on the property that they will not lose already at the moment of initiation of restructuring.
As a result of these actions, the situation uncomfortable for all becomes only a valuable experience.


The notion of debt restructuring should be understood as changes of the structure of liabilities in terms of their value, horizon and repayment schedule as well as reduced interest rate.

We help Clients restore control over their liabilities and we prevent a bailiff from appearing. On the other hand, if the bailiff has started their actions against a debtor, we prepare a restructuring plan that we submit to a competent Court for the Court to stop the actions aimed at selling the debtor’s property. In the vast majority of cases selling the debtor’s property through a bailiff’s auction does not bring about creditors’ satisfaction, and the debtor is still left with debts, increased by the bailiff’s costs and interest which they are in most cases unable to repay.

Our negotiators represent the debtor in negotiations aiming at reducing debt both in front of bank, private creditors and in front of the State Treasury institutions. Representation applies to negotiations being direct talks and by preparing relevant letters.

These actions are always aimed at leading to such a situation that the debtor has another chance of earning revenue and servicing their debt, and the creditor ultimately receives a bigger amount and receives the amount quicker than in the case of the debtor’s bankruptcy and auctioning off their property. These actions always take place with approval of Court, Court Supervisor and in consultation with the creditors.


The second stage of restructuring consists in obtaining cheap, multiannual financing the aim of which is to recapitalise business operations carried out and often to repay reduced debt, which always is a strong argument during negotiations of higher levels of debt reduction.

For the restructuring to be effective in the long run, i.e. for an enterprise to be able to again develop in a stable manner, current finance control is essential. The experts from the “Accounting Experts” accounting office keep the accounts, assist in financial controlling of a company being restructured, and advise in the area of the accounts and tax optimisation structures in order to permanently strengthen the company’s good financial condition.